Traditional Poetry Commission

Traditional Poetry Commission
(Poetry on Demand)

Traditional Poetry Commission
“Enable me to write for you a poem made uniquely
For what your wish to celebrate, commemorate discretely
Or want to share as article, as gift or commentary,
With content ranging from the commonplace to visionary.”

The subject
A commissioned poem can be about any subject, as long as it’s of a neutral or ethical nature. The amount of detail you provide determines if it is a poem with a more general content or with a specific message. We will communicate about this beforehand. Traditional Poetry Commission

The style
I will create for you a traditional poem, meaning that it has a certain rhyme scheme and meter. The introductory verse above is an example of this. You are free to choose any metrical pattern you wish, or leave it for me to decide. In any case, I don’t do free verse. Traditional Poetry Commission

Poems are normally created in stanzas of 4 lines, and the price is €4,50 per line. So the minimal cost of a poem is €18,-.
Depending on the length of the poem, how many stanzas and the number of lines per stanza, you can calculate the total price (usually €18 – €36 – €54 – €72 – …)

For now, the poem will only be delivered digitally (by email or otherwise). It’s up to you to choose a font or create a layout if needed.
Within a weeks of your order I will provide you with an initial draft of the poem for you to review. Within a week of me receiving your comments, I will deliver the final product according to your specifications. Traditional Poetry Commission

The procedure
You contact me through the form below and we will communicate about the poem. We will decide the goal, length, content, style and planning together.
Once you order a poem, you will have to pay it up front through PayPal (link below), or we could discuss alternative payment methods. Once I have received the money, I will start writing. Traditional Poetry Commission

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Email: jerry dot corstens at gmail dot com
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