The Book of Understanding

The Book of Understanding
The Book of Understanding

The Seeker turned the pages of the book of understanding,
Found empty sheets, whereas the scroll itself was never-ending.
The only words are written on the cover. The inscription
Was vague and only showed a somewhat magical description:

“The eyes to see must first perceive. The reader must be kneeling.
To they who understand the words, the words will be revealing.”
The seeker looked around as if to ponder the quotation
That hindered the endeavor of his further education.

He saw a many others on their knees, while also reading
The empty book without success. “The text must be misleading”,
He thought while overthinking the true meaning of the sentence.
He came to the conclusion that the humbled man gains entrance.

Not hindered by the manner of his physical position
He dove into the book after a delicate decision –
Not what he learned, or was once taught to know, reveals the meaning;
It lies beyond what’s thought, and needs an open-minded screening. –

He sacrificed convictions as to bow to new conclusions.
No longer being blinded by irrational confusions,
The book of understanding opened up, and words start showing:
“To truly know we need to overcome the pride of knowing”.

June 16th, 2016

Image by Peter Chong

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