Universal Ways

Universal Ways
The Milky Way found on Wallpaperaccess

Never judge a law of wisdom
Viewing a specific case.
An explicit context seldom
Mimics universal ways.

Situations out of balance
Draw attention and dictate
How we picture our existence,
Causing us to lose all faith.

Eyeing the distinct examples
Blinds us from the wide approach.
Statements seen from narrow angles
Always seem beyond reproach.

But an overall acceptance
Of a rule of common sense
Manifests its global essence.
Guidelines work when given chance.

Don’t just oversee conditions
Where a maxim won’t apply.
Live for general renditions
And the future will reply.

Adverse instances will lessen
Once we watch a broader scope.
Learn this comprehensive lesson
To create a world of hope.

September 27th, 2015

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