The Subsequential Chapter

The Subsequential Chapter
Image by Samara

It’s part of life that we encounter instances of loss.
The life thereafter hinges on the happenings we cross
And on the way we deal with the events we’re undergoing.

We’re able to transcend all circumstances life is throwing,
As long as we perceive them in a calm objective way.
They’re burdensome comparable just to how much they weigh.

The load is scaled according to how far we’ve been persuaded
To always be disproving of, opposed to and frustrated
With accidents, collisions and catastrophes we meet.

Our lasting state of mind is fashioned after how we treat
Calamities encountered, and our own interpretation;
It’s vital that we separate the tale from the narration.

The story told is both about what nature carries out
And what we, in caused cataclysms, tend to bring about.
The latter may, to reach acceptance, be a trying factor,

As it may cause to elongate the subsequential chapter.
But in the end, new episodes are founded by the mind,
And on its competence to hang onto or leave behind.

The choice is to leave aftermaths controlled by the disaster
Or live the life that’s following, again as our own master.
Stop generating the yourself-betraying bitterness.

To slowly change a dark embrace into a bright caress,
Rewrite the thoughts you have, that keep reciting the resentment.
The book of life can always be a novel of contentment,

When we reduce the volume of unwelcoming ideas.
It always is a chronicle that hurts to some degrees,
But moments of unrest will echo less when we are driven

To heal ourselves; let what occurred be faithfully forgiven.
The mother of misfortune is the backlash we endure.
Keep thoughts about what came before agreeable and pure.

Step out of the imprisonment. The existential captor
Will fade when we help author the next susequential chapter.

July 12th, 2019

Lion Deep found on HDQWalls

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