The Road to Happiness

The Road to Happiness
The Road to Happiness

Always find again your way back to the road of happiness.
There are times it may seem hopeless. Keep on trying nonetheless.
While the road itself, unhindered, is straightforward, we get lost
When it’s by an interrupting complication intercrossed.

When our joy is intersected by a damaging event
It creates a T-shaped crossing, and the path ahead will end,
Left with only two directions: one of sorrow, one of spite.
One goes left, around in circles, while the other’s going right.

When we take the path of anger we create a roundabout.
Active wrath and passive ire never find their own way out.
Endless loops are formed as long as we resist to let things go.
Don’t let bitterness cement you in its circulating flow.

It’s an exit often chosen to avoid incited pains,
But because of it, the hurting keeps expanding and remains.
Find acceptance and forgiveness to correct and change your course.
Head back right towards the junction, passed denial and remorse.

While the path of anger lights up when a suffering occurs –
It’s pursued and found by many all because it signs and spurs –
Grief, as path, is often hidden, but when hunted it appears.
For a while it’s dark, but lights up as you cry the needed tears.

While we let the path of anger kill all laughter and destroy,
It’s the path of grief that slowly, over time, bends back to joy.
Heal yourself from all the hurting of the pains you still suppress.
Life will blossom in the wake of all the teardrops you express.

Always find again your way back to the road of happiness.

September 22nd, 2015

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