The Overall Contender

The Overall Contender
The Overall Contender

A many situation can prevent us being gentle.
It happens when we let ourselves be partial or judgmental.
With what we think we can be made to sever our connection.
It interrupts our natural and undisturbed affection.

Diminishing of sweetness can as well be stress related.
When we don’t have the time or are by rush and haste frustrated
We cannot find the patience and attention that’s required.
The sympathy escapes when we’re by troubles dis-inspired.

The overall effect of social pressure also tramples.
When minds are overrun with harsh and merciless examples,
We’re made to simply follow in the footsteps of unkindness.
Which may induce, unknowingly, a self-inflicted blindness.

Compassion often dissipated when forced by cold Instruction.
The way we’re made to do our tasks can be a great obstruction
To treat each other as we know we all wish to be treated.
The lack of this expression keeps us feeling uncompleted,

Which is onto itself a complicated explanation.
It keeps us in a state of vicious self-perpetuation.
It steals away all synergy and makes of us opponents.
We can’t be nice when made to think we’re separate components.

Deliberate the reasons why you’re not more often tender.
Don’t choose to fight each other; fight the overall contender.
The spirit of antipathy can’t stand a caring fashion.
To fight it, slowly open up the petals of compassion.

Undo the thousand ways of the benevolence suppression.

November 8th, 2015

Vintage Compass on Old Map found on CanvasArtRocks

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