The Instrument of Activation

The Instrument of Activation
The Instrument of Activation

To you, deprived and opting to surrender,
I say, to keep on going through the night.
To conquer the determination ender,
Maintain or reinvigorate the fight.

At times we will be forced into submission,
Not to become suppressed or end up slain,
But to incite a self-achieved ignition,
Which fuels the drive to reach a higher plane.

Some states of mind we’re only fit to enter
Once able to match their enduring strength.
Don’t give in to the obstacle presenter,
For it will otherwise succeed through length.

Compete, to shrink the overall duration,
By viewing past the look of what you face.
Perceive the instrument of activation
As bringer of the light through dark embrace.

July 19th, 2019

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