Particular Interpretations

Particular Interpretations
Stained Glass Flower by Adam Orzechowski

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How we see the world around us
Is delightful or horrendous
Based on our particular interpretations.

The existing line-art pictures
Are enriched with color mixtures
Of accepted, rare or private expectations.

We perceive the interference
Of the chromatized appearance
As the undeniable reality,

Whereas the unseen revision
Camouflages the precision
Of the neutral black & white simplicity.

To reach any transformation,
Ascertain the coloration
And the knowledge that we paint by given numbers.

To discern peculiar pigments,
And acknowledge them as figments,
Helps us to wake up from saturated slumbers.

We can fashion new creations
Through objective illustrations.
To shape different pictures, we must first erase

Any dark tone imperfection.
Integrate a bright complexion
Into spaces found within the lines you trace.

Once we witness the prosaic,
We can shape a new mosaic.
Infuse shiny undertones with firm persistence.

Once we’re conscious of the subtle
Overlays, we can remodel
What we look at through the window of existence.

July 19th, 2019

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