Inner-Self Reflection

Inner-Self Reflection
Impact by Erik Johansson

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We but seldom recognize our own reflection
In the mirror of reality. We fail
To perceive the influence of our projection
On the neutral scene of the existence veil.

When we look at the reflective panorama,
We mistake what we have seen for what is real.
And thus witness our own emulated drama
Running in the background, from our inner reel.

We interpret what we see. Our contribution
Is subjected to our current state of mind.
We can look beyond the self-made substitution
Once the needed understanding has been mined.

Only conscious of the us surrounding mirror
Can we part the mirror image from the scene.
The impartial picture present becomes clearer
Once the colored misconception has been seen.

Armed and readied with a higher self-awareness –
When our inner-self reflection can be viewed –
We can contradict the counterfeit unfairness
And extinguish the mere postulated feud.

Take the time to truly see what you’re observing
And to separate your portion from the piece.
Once we pacify the painting we’re preserving
We’re equipped to see the all-pervading peace.


Safdarjung Mausoleum by Sunrise

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