The Fundamental Movement

The Fundamental Movement
Heart Container by Moe-Kawaii-Sunshine

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Is external progress truly an improvement
When, because of it, we tend to leave behind
The advancement of the heart and growth of wisdom?
When the betterment of all that’s good and kind
Is forgotten as the fundamental movement,
And intentions, deeds and words are misaligned,
It helps further an unsympathetic system,
That inhibits the true path of humankind.

When the minds of men are swept up by the notion
Of development of outer circumstance,
Beyond moderate material possession
And acceptable positional advance,
They may end up with a damaging devotion,
Due to which their inner-selves won’t get a chance.
It’s because of thoughtless outside-world obsession,
We neglect the nourishment of moral sense.

Only once we recognize it as addiction,
Can the never-ending upgrade out of pride,
Be opposed, within ourselves, to find enrichment
Of the only path that truly can provide
The relief of the experienced affliction.
When the headway of our world is simplified,
We gain room to work on what procures fulfillment.
Let the mastery of heart be glorified.

July 7th, 2019

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