Cycle of Awareness

Cycle of Awareness
Cycle of Awareness

An unenlightened consciousness is part of our creation.
The basic wisdom we possess in times of our formation
Is mostly, out of ignorance, uncared for and neglected
And fades into obscurity, unless it’s well protected.

We slip into unconsciousness when what we’re fed is trusted
And even lose our innocence as we become adjusted.
When well into this slumbering, our spirits are corrupted,
Unless the link with who we are remains uninterrupted.

It’s in this state of dormancy, the essence we’ve been keeping
Prepares for an awakening. Take notice while you’re sleeping.
Accumulating warning signs provoke a confrontation,
Unless we’re paralyzed by the awareness hibernation.

Our fundamental nature counters that for which we settle.
It’s you against the other you to fight this inner battle.
A conflict aimed subconsciously to force a restoration,
Unless we semi-knowingly resist the transformation.

It’s only when we willingly reclaim what’s been forsaken
We find our authenticity, and truly reawaken.
We rouse from dreams or nightmares we’ve unwittingly been living,
Unless towards what prompted them we’re steadfast unforgiving.

We can expect a quickening when we embrace our essence.
Renewed or new alertness then invigorates our presence.
We’ve worked to come full circle once we live for preservation,
Until unnoticed carelessness incites a new rotation.

We’re granted full awareness only after escalation.

August 9th, 2015

Image by Mark Long

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