Call to Splendor

Call to splendor
Call to splendor

When the good of heart don’t recognize their beauty,
In a world that finds applause for what is crude,
They forget to carry out their highest duty,
Since it undermines the needed fortitude.

It provokes the pure to chase a darker passion
When the strength of will is fiercely undermined
By the shady presence of a common fashion.
In response, when they turn bad or unrefined,

They grow ignorant of their profound intention.
Or when they stay fair, but grace is not perceived,
They may end up in a self-induced detention,
Bound and shackled by what’s faithlessly believed.

Only after what is bad is seen as ugly
And the self-disfigurement has been abhorred
Can forsaken rectitude return completely
And the elegance and courage be restored.

To be true again requires the decision
To dare look beyond what’s showing and what’s seen,
And observe the outlines of a higher vision,
Showing what’s pristine and purged again as clean.

Once we choose to be an excellence defender,
We infuse ourselves and strengthen our allure.
Hear and answer the essential call to splendor,
For the beauty to return and to endure.

March 25th, 2016

Portals by Ryan Bliss

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