Allegorical Alchemy

Alegorical Alchemy
Image by Healing Energy Tools

When you make it to the midway station,

You can!

You’re still left with halve the transformation.


When you fought the thoughts that kept you under,

Well done!

You still have to find the thoughts of wonder.

Press on!

Mental states require a reaction:

From you!

Neutralizing thoughts for your extraction.

Change view!

Motivating concepts to inspire

As well!

Must be used to get you even higher.

Don’t dwell!

You escaped a heavy lead condition.

Be proud!

Using silver thoughts for your transition.

You’re out!

But, upon relief, don’t simply settle.

There’s more!

States of bliss include a greater metal.


Carry the momentum when embolden

Push on!

To reach for a mental state that’s golden.

Be drawn!

Use the alchemy of your conversion


To include a higher state incursion.


Once you’ve left the realm of your frustration,

Don’t rest!

Head to the dominion of elation.

Be blessed!

September 21st, 2015

Image by Matt Gibson

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