Resonating Song

Resonating Song
Resonating Song

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Don’t get stuck in heartbreak.
When existence is a curse
After every earthquake,
And you put it into verse,

You gain understanding
And improvement of the art.
While it was demanding
Every time you broke apart,

You can now start rhyming
With what you have shaken loose.
Manage your own timing,
If you ever wish to choose

Living the solutions,
Rather than the sentiment
Of the disillusion.
Let your rhythmic craft ascent.

Use it to start sharing
What you’ve learned and what you seek.
Cause a different tremor
With your lyrical technique.

Focus on the reason,
Not on aftershocks of heart:
The confining treason.
It will vanish when you start

Only concentrating
On what makes you whole and strong.
Don’t pen what’s frustrating;
Share a resonating song.

June 25th, 2019

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