One Communal Current

One Communal Current
Yellow Leaf in the River found on Wallpaperaccess

Why don’t you accept me
For who I truly am?

You only see your own world,
And do not give a damn

About the life I’m living,
The choices I have made,

The atmosphere I breath and
The streams in which I bathe.


Why don’t you accept me
The way I aim to do

With you? Which will be harder
When you’re not only true

To your own skies and rivers,
But also to the need

To damage mine forever
And aim to make me bleed.


Why don’t you accept me
For who I wish to be,

Along with the acceptance
Of your wish to be free?

The rush to dam my waters
Can never make yours grow.

It only twice inhibits
A shared and gentle flow.


Why don’t you accept us
As two that can be one,

While running our own courses,
Instead of be undone

By terrorizing torrents?
Let your brook and my creek,

As one communal current,
Be that of which you speak.

May 9th, 2019
Sicily, Italy – Youth Project “Zooming in on Tolerance”

Drops of Sorrow by Mario M

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